Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

Mobile Impact Crushing Plant is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity and so on that often need to the material processing of move operations, especially for highways, railways, water and electricity projects and other flowing stone work. According to different requirements of the kind of processing raw materials, scale and finished products material requirements, the users can adopt a variety of configurations. Mobile Impact Crushing Plant is especially suitable for the small crushing site, construction waste processing, and construction waste crushing.

Mobile  Impact Crushing Plant

Composition of Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

(1)Belt Conveyer  (2)Vibrating Screen  (3)Vibrating Screen Motor  (4)Impact Crusher  (5)Impact Crusher Motor  (6)Electric Control Cabinet

Excellent characters of Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

(1) PF Series high performance impact crushers;
(2) Incorporated the high performance vibrating screen and belt conveyer into the crusher;
(3) Everything on board: belts, crusher installations;
(4) Steering traction axis, facilitate road transport and go deep into site;
(5) Installation support legs together with trailer, quick to be set-up;
(6) Electric motor and control cabinet are on the same trailer.

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