Mobile Concrete Crusher

Concrete is used for making buildings, roads, bridges, vessels pipes nowadays. Concrete is of light weight, high strength and multifunction. Concrete is widely made up with cement, rude aggregate, fine aggregate, addictive and water. Those materials get blended and will become harden and finally become the artificial stone. The main qualifications of concrete are strength, transformation and durability. Strength is the main mechanical properties after it is harden and it reflects the artificial stone’s resist deformation quantitative skills.

Mobile Concrete Crusher

Concrete is scaled into four levels according to the standard test method: C10, C15, C20 and C25. Concrete compression strength is the 1/8 to 1/13 of tensile compression. To improve the specific value of compression strength and tensile strength is the key part of improving cement performance.

Mobile Concrete Crushing Plant´╝Ü

As concrete is so widely used in nowadays building industry, when those buildings reach the end of their service life it is also hard to deal with them. We should choose some hard concrete crushing plant to crush them into small pieces and recycle it.

Concrete is usually piled in city road. So we should better choose mobile crusher as the main crushing plant in this process. Mobile concrete crusher is one of our company main products. This mobile concrete crusher is equipped with concrete crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen. The mobile concrete crusher is a basic crushing system. The mobile concrete crusher includes mobile cone crusher, mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, crawler type mobile crusher and multi-crushing mobile crusher. The mobile crusher all passed the authoritative certification. These concrete crushers are also great for you: jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher.

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